San Patricio

San Patricio is a water supply district in Corpus Christi, Texas. In order to meet water supply demand for a new ethane steam cracker plant for Exxonmobil, Cash was selected to construct a 54” and 48” pipeline to meet the needs. The project included a number of unique complexities, including a 2,500 LF horizontal directional drill under the Nueces River, 500 LF 72” diameter tunnel under I-37 and numerous open cuts across wet land areas. The soil conditions were challenging with over half of the project being installed under mean sea level.

$23M Value:

2,500 LF 48" Horizontal Directional Drill

500 LF 72” Diameter Tunnel Under I-37

25,000 LF 48” & 54” Carbon Steel (polyurethane coated and mortared lined)